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IT Outsourcing & Managed Services

By offloading your routine IT services to us for management, you will be able to concentrate on your core business operations while your IT services are taken care of and you will not have to bother about interruptions to business processes due to IT issues. Occurrence of such issues is reduced to the barest minimum.

Why you should Outsource your IT?

Cost Control – you do not need to hire experienced IT personal that you would not need most of their training and experience for routine daily operationsCost Savings – we provide you with cost savings tips garnered from experience in areas of IT procurement

Pay as you go – you pay only for the IT services that you need, you save on redundancy“IT services are taken care of and you will not have to bother about interruptions to business processes due to IT issues”Qualified is not the same as Experienced – you get experienced hands to handle your IT, not just qualified hands  No need to train IT – you won’t have to send any IT staff on expensive training

Efficiency and Competitiveness – you get best value for your money because experienced hands are handling your

Assurance of IT Best practices – we will provide you with IT best practices
Focus on core business – no unnecessary distractions from core business operations
Level the playing field – now you can afford the best hands competitively with conglomerates who employ them.
IT Compliance – we ensure that you are compliant and up to date on softwares, etc

How it works?

Our Managed Services Covers a wide spectrum of IT solutions. We are able to provide you with the most comprehensive IT Managed Services that you can get. After careful assessment of your business peculiar IT needs, we suggest to you the IT Service level that your business requires at the moment and then give you further upgrade suggestions over time as your business requirements expand.

An IT Managed Service Personnel (MSP) is deployed to work with your staff and provide hand-holding.

An MSP is a Managed Service Personnel who is both qualified and experienced to resolve your IT issue and/or refer your issue to the appropriate channel

IT Staff is deployed on-call on any other weekdays (Monday – Friday) on a need basis to resolve any issue.

Remote Support Software is installed on your Systems for emergency remote support whereby, an MSP can login remotely to your system based on your authorization and provision of required credentials and have access to your Desktop to resolve any issue.

Cost Factor

In determining the appropriate Service Level (SL) for your organization, we will conduct an assessment and ask various questions to determine the level of support that is best appropriate for your organization.We compute several factors in determining the required Service Level as well as in computing our fees, some of which are; IT Literacy Level of Staff, Willingness of Staff members to learn and to be IT compliant, Willingness to comply to policies, Frequency of issues, Quality of Softwares in use and Software Versions, Quality of Hardware and Age, Corporate Financial Policy with regards to IT Assets depreciation, If Mobile Support is required, amount of Remote Support that may be needed, likely Frequency of On-site calls or Emergency calls that may be required, Level of Phone Support and many other intricate details.

Team Experience

Our Team experience span across several industry categories. Our Team Leads are experienced IT veterans with years of Experience and foreign exposure as well qualifications in some of the most advanced IT, Finance and Communications field and experience in some of the most complicated IT environments.


We deploy Managed Service Personnel based on our Assessment of your organisation’s needs and issues may be scaled up to Lead Personnels as at when required. However, our Team Leads do regular, and periodic on-site visits as part of routine checks to assure that Service Levels are optimal and they also visit to assess your IT environment and get a feedback on assigned Personnel engagements. We understand that bottom-line is critical and we understand the essential role IT plays in business communication, hence we place high priority on our Service Delivery to ensure that your IT runs as smoothly as possible.

We assure you of the best possible IT Managed Services.